California school district spending and test scores

Whittier Union High School District

Despite years of efforts to equalize spending in California schools, some districts receive thousands of dollars more per student than others. And although some districts spent much more than the average, the bigger expenditure didn't assure higher scores on the state's Academic Performance Index, which is based on student test scores and other academic measures. Download a spreadsheet of spending per student and Academic Performance Index data for all school districts here.

How does Whittier Union High compare to other California districts?

Spending per student

$8,393   Median: $8,234

API score in 2010

765   Median: 783

$8,393 spent per student ($106.8 million total expenditures)

Districts with similar spending per student
Cotati-Rohnert Park Unified $8,410
Anaheim City Elementary $8,399
Santa Ana Unified $8,396
Whittier Union High $8,393
American Union Elementary $8,392
Lawndale Elementary $8,390
Woodville Union Elementary $8,388
Spending per student
in districts with similar attendance
Inglewood Unified (12,850.20) $8,931
Alum Rock Union Elementary (12,392.40) $8,735
Whittier Union High (12,719.00) $8,393
Salinas Union High (12,404.40) $8,250
New Haven Unified (12,423.30) $8,182
Turlock Unified (12,915.60) $7,860
Apple Valley Unified (12,946.60) $7,569
Spending per student in adjacent districts
Bassett Unified $9,516
Mountain View Elementary $9,232
Fullerton Joint Union High $8,766
El Monte Union High $8,633
Whittier Union High $8,393
Hacienda La Puente Unified $8,356
Norwalk-La Mirada Unified $8,301
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765 API score in 2010

Districts with similar API scores in 2010
Tipton Elementary 765
San Rafael City High 765
Los Alamos Elementary 765
Whittier Union High 765
Chawanakee Unified 764
Palo Verde Union Elementary 764
Delphic Elementary 763
API scores in 2010
in districts with similar attendance
New Haven Unified (12,423.30) 777
Apple Valley Unified (12,946.60) 770
Whittier Union High (12,719.00) 765
Turlock Unified (12,915.60) 760
Alum Rock Union Elementary (12,392.40) 746
Inglewood Unified (12,850.20) 711
Salinas Union High (12,404.40) 701
API scores in 2010 in adjacent districts
Lowell Joint Elementary 862
Valle Lindo Elementary 824
Fullerton Joint Union High 811
Hacienda La Puente Unified 791
Downey Unified 771
Whittier Union High 765
Norwalk-La Mirada Unified 754
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A note about the data: Spending figures refer to "current expense of education" per student in average daily attendance in 2009-10. The figures exclude certain expenditures, such as retiree benefits, food services and facilities acquisition and construction costs. Figures should be interpreted in the context of local conditions.

The state's nearly 1,000 school districts are responsible for reporting the information to the state. If individual districts spot problems with the state-reported statistics in our database, California Watch will confirm and update the data while encouraging districts to correct any errors with the state so that the public has the most accurate data available.

Interactive by Agustin Armendariz and Michael Corey. Reporting by Louis Freedberg and Stephen K. Doig.

Source: California Department of Education
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